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Updated: Oct 21, 2022

We have AMAZING opportunities for you to 'give' this season!

We encourage you to hold a food drive or gift card drive in your neighborhood or at work or feel free to join one already underway!

Many Kent School District Schools such as Kentlake and Kentwood are hosting a holiday food drive competition! Battle of the schools for bags of holiday items for our Covington Food Bank clients! Our end goal is 300-350 completed bags for Thanksgiving and 300-350 completed bags for Christmas. Want to donate? Feel free to swing it by The Storehouse during our donation hours listed on our home page OR by one of the High Schools!

In addition we are doing a gift card drive. We want to allow our clients to shop with dignity this season for their holiday protein and their gifts. Please consider helping us receive over 700 gift cards at $25 each to stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Kohls and Fred Meyer.

If you'd like to contribute financially for us to use for the holiday season please donate by PayPal using our link here and make a note "holiday" CLICK HERE FOR PAYPAL DONATIONS.

Together we can make a difference in our community! Thank you for considering!


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